Saturday April 19, 2014

Michelle Obama Not Wanted at High School Graduation

Michelle Obama not wanted at high school graduation


Wendy Davis Going Down to Massive Defeat

Opponent Greg Abbott Has Higher Approval Among Women


Obama the Welfare King

Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Employed Women

obama the welfare king

Content for class "CenterBx" Goes Here


Photoshop Hillary

Hillary book photoshopped


Wendy Davis Sounding Confident in Campaign for Texas Governor

Wendy Davis mole

Reality Check:

Wendy, and that enormous mole on her face,
are going down to landslide defeat.


Marco Rubio:

If I Run for President in 2016, I will Not Seek Reelection to Senate

An opportunity to get rid of this RINO altogether!


59% Disapprove of Obama

Obama disapproval 59%

Americans finally starting to wake up!


George H.W. Bush to be Honored for Betraying Voters

Will Receive Profiles in Courage Award for Raising Taxes

George HW Bush

The Original RINO.


Obama Meets Pope Francis

Says He and Pope are Kindred Spirits

Obama and Pope are Socialists

Of course, they are both Marxists!

(Sorry, but it's true. Not going to pretend otherwise.)


Democrat Tells Iowa Voters to Elect Him to the Senate Because He is a Lawyer

Implies Farmers Are Not Smart Enough to be Senators

Good argument — because Washington doesn't have enough lawyers!

BTW: This is the kind of Liberal elitist scum churned out
in droves by our nation's law schools.


Republican John Kasich Supports ObamaCare

Calls ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion "Conservative"

RINO John Kasich

RINO Dirtbag.


Obama's America

Another False Claim of Racism Exposed

false claim of racism

It's almost like our culture encourages
claims of racism (wink).